Evowk is a game-changing virtual conferencing and networking platform designed to translate the real-life expo/conference experience to an online one. We were tasked with developing the platform’s multi-level functionality that gives event organisers the ability to customise, tweak, and tailor nearly every aspect of this cutting-edge virtual meeting space.



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  UI / UX


From the outset, the team behind Evowk set out to build a platform that was entirely new in the videoconferencing space. Sitting down to discuss the project with the team and our design collaborators Star Gate Studios, we outlined five primary physical spaces that are intrinsic to online events: an event lobby, an auditorium, breakout rooms, an exhibition hall, and a networking lounge. Each space needed to be versatile and interactive, offering a variety of functionality to suit many business needs.

Our developers set about finding innovative ways to replicate the ebb and flow of business conferences in a digital setting. From the sharing of business cards, creating event programmes, and setting up impromptu networking meetings, to personalised exhibition stalls capable of displaying a range of marketing media, including moving graphics and videos, we developed the front and back end of the platform giving users an unparalleled degree of customisation for a truly unique experience.


The final Evowk product is a truly state-of-the-art platform built on robust cloud-based technology, capable of seamlessly hosting any size or type of event, from anywhere in the world. Each space is beautifully rendered in 3D visuals complete with moving avatars, giving invitees the ability to interact with the space and fellow guests through live video chat and text.

The back end offers users a wealth of invaluable data that is key to getting the most out of any online conference. Users can create live polls and surveys, build personalised agendas, download conference documents, and much more. Organisers can access powerful insights through integrated data analytics and live reporting, which boosts lead generation and increases ROI. The platform also allows for ticket sales, enabling organisers to generate revenue from their events. Each event hosted on Evowk can be set as public or private, with password protection and invite-only functionality.

RightBrain continues to provide technical support and further development for the client.

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