Cortex was a response to a need for a client management system to keep client records and to provide statistical data in the social care field. Workers in the social field do not operate in an office environment and, therefore, may not have easy access to a computer, making it difficult to update a client’s record in real time.


  Product Development
  App Development
  UI / UX


We have developed Cortex together with experts from the social field, including psychologists, social workers, mental health specialists, disability specialists and other experts providing services for the homeless, children, the elderly, victims of domestic violence and substance abuse. The aim was to create a system which is very easy to manage, simple to use and affordable. We wanted to create a tool specifically for organisations operating the social care field.


Cortex was developed as a comprehensive and extremely affordable client management system. It has been found ideal by many organisations operating in the social field since it is designed to make record keeping and statistical reporting really simple. It also includes a mobile application that allows professionals and care workers to add and look up client records very quickly and easily from a mobile device.

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