Women For Women Foundation

The Women for Women Foundation is a local not-for-profit organisation empowering women through educational funds, emergency financial aid, and the promotion of gender equality. Having long been admirers of all the great work they do, we offered to design and develop the Foundation’s new website completely free of charge, as part of our CSR commitment.


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Following discussions with the team, we agreed on a clear direction forward. The new website needed to act as an effective calling card for the foundation’s services, where women of all ages could easily find the help, support, and resources they needed quickly and efficiently. The site would also need to appeal to many generations of women, young and old, and serve as a central portal to spread awareness and raise funds in support of a range of issues, including domestic violence, child support, employment, and much more.


From the get-go, we wanted to create a website that was truly in tune with the spirit of the brilliant team behind the foundation. The site would also need to appeal to different generations of women, from all walks of life. That’s why we opted to give the foundation a complete branding refresh through a new colour palette and logo. The new logo beautifully and cleverly captures the essence of women supporting women, with its use of two Ws representing two women holding one another’s hands. It is an instantly recognisable symbol that will make a lasting impression in the foundation’s marketing initiatives going forward.

The site itself is simply designed with a modern, clean look. Users can easily be put off when faced with a text-heavy site. We needed to strike a balance between keeping the text thorough yet easy to navigate. All information is neatly organised in easy-to-read rows. Clear calls to action are interspersed through the site, designed to encourage people to seek help, donate funds, and get involved as volunteers.

We also implemented a blog section into the site development. This makes it easy for the team to upload SEO-friendly content, which not only boosts the site’s visibility through the search engines, but also fosters a stronger sense of community between the foundation and its clients. By uploading blogs and sharing these on their social channels, the team are equipped with an effective tool to drive more women to their site to find the resources they need.

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