We were asked to create a software solution that can facilitate assessments with a very high level of quality assurance. The solution needed to allow internal and external verification of exams and assignments, quality checks and to provide a detailed guide for assessors to ensure uniformity and standardisation.


  Product Development
  UI / UX


The challenge was to provide a comprehensive assessment solution that can facilitate assessments but at the same time providing system which is easy to use by academy administrators. We brought together seasoned experts specialised in software development, web design, adult learning, assessment and human resources management. The development of the learning management system was driven by the people dealing with the students, the learners and the trainers, in short, the ones running the show in the learning sector!


We developed Axone, a learning management system which provides the necessary tools for creating the complete learning cycle from content creation to the final assessment and certification. Axone facilitates assessments and provides a dynamic grading centre including automated notifications to assessors, students, and when applicable, to internal verifiers. Axone is now being used by a number of leading adult learning organisations and companies running accredited courses.

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